White Label Flank Pant

R 2,299.00
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The White Label collection takes everything down to its bare and most essential bones to bring you simple, functional, style and performance. The White Label Flank Pants epitomize this focus, providing a comfortable, relaxed fit, wrapped in an instant-classic graphic.The strength of White Label Flank Pants comes from their unique, minimalistic design. What they save in weight, they increase in flexibility, ventilation, and durability. Tough and durable fabric in the main body, plus a series of stretch panels to ensure a great and contoured fit, means these pants will conform easily to your body when you ride. With their articulated knee and hip design for more mobility, plus padded knee construction to not only bump up comfort but add another layer of durability, the White Label Flank Pants are an essential foundation to any motocross kit.Simple construction and the comfort riders want—that’s the power of the White Label.

Unique minimalistic design reduces weight while increasing flexibility, ventilation, and durability

600D main body polyester for enhanced durability

Multiple stretch panels ensure mobility and a contoured fit

Articulated knee and hip design to conform to rider

Padded knee construction for increased comfort and durability

Fade-resistant sublimated graphics for long-lasting color

Minimal seams and mesh paneling on lower leg for extra comfort while tucked into the boot