Instinct X Boot

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The Instinct X shares many key attributes with the original Instinct boot but brings drastically improved off-road prowess and comfort for both walking and riding.

Riders who face roots, wet rock, and steep, loose hills know well the skill and concentration needed to keep the machine upright. The Instinct X Boot uses our exclusive Duratac rubber compound with a larger, open lug pattern on the sole for exceptional traction as you navigate challenging obstacles.

Full coverage at the toe box provides added protection without hindering shifting. The low-ride chassis is designed for a better feel of the bike and command of the controls, while our buckle system provides flawless operation every time.

Instant step in comfort and support
Large open tread pattern on Duratac outsole provides traction off the bike and reduces mud build up
Full coverage toe box provides additional protection from debris on trail
Duratac rubber compound provides durability and unprecedented grip on outsole and burn guard
Hinge Lockout stops motion before hyper extension of ankle
Slim medial design keeps you close to the bike
Low ride chassis brings the foot lower and closer to the foot peg for enhanced feel for the brake and shifter
Slim toe box for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile
Replaceable sole