Enduro D3O® Elbow Pads

SKU: 30090 W24C
R 1,240.00 ZAR
Colour: BLK 001
Lightweight slip-on elbow sleeves

Our Enduro Elbow Sleeves are trail tuned and offer pedal-friendly protection on the trail. Made from a moisture-wicking micro-lycra material and featuring a nylon mess rear panel, they keep the air flowing as you pedal up and earn the down. They allow full range of motion, thanks again to that high-stretch rear panel, and keep your elbows safe from hard trail knocks with the removable D3O® elbow inserts that deliver both protection and comfort as you ride.


Moisture wicking micro-lycra sleeve with nylon mesh rear panel for increased airflow

Removable D3O® elbow inserts for the perfect balance of comfort and protection

Silicone grip top and bottom to hold the guard in place