Black Label Veem Jersey

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R 999.00 ZAR
Colour: Bld Org 472
All-weather performance riding goggles
The Vue X Stray is a trail-focused goggle. Adventure performance is maximized with the use of a dual-paned, anti-fog lens to reduce fogging on cold, wet rides. Performance is further improved with the use of closed-cell foam in the vent ports to keep the weather on the outside of the goggles, where it belongs. The Vue X Stray Goggle ensures the widest field of view possible and reduces distractions from the side. For lens swapping and removal, the Vue Goggles uses our TruLock system.

Dual-paned lens to reduce fogging on cold, wet rides.
Wide viewport provides exceptional peripheral vision
Full optical clarity and protection against roost impact
TruLock system makes lens replacement quick and easy